Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Green Rewards Program at The Farmer's Garden

Use Green Rewards at The Farmer's Garden for freshly grown veggies.
Spring is here and it is time to start thinking about joining The Farmer's Garden Green Rewards debit card or join their CSA program.

The CSA Program will run for 12 weeks from July 11th - Sept. 26th.

CSA Green Rewards is a great option for members who don't like the unknown. The Green Rewards Program was designed to meet your needs. It is a pre-loaded debit card redeemable at their farm stand or any of their Farmer's Market locations for fruits and vegetables.

By pre-paying for a Green Rewards debit card, members can buy the exact type of produce they would normally use on a weekly basis throughout the season while still supporting the local farm by keeping labor costs down.  This allows The Farmer's Garden to pass a 15% savings bonus directly to you when you sign-up. The debit card starts with a minimum purchase of $100 (Valued at $115). You must pre-pay by July 1st to receive the 15% in savings.