Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Breakfast at the Braintree Farmers Market

Unbelievably delicious granola from The Providence Granola Company.
Good morning sunshine and hello breakfast at the farmer's market.  While visiting the market you may have realized that the assortment of vendors have a wide variety of products to explore.  The market has been designed to provide our visitors with a one-stop shopping experience with all locally grown and made items.  There's no better place to find your breakfast foods for the morning, or for your entire week ahead, than the Braintree Farmers Market.

Start with a sampling from The Providence Granola Project.  This is one of our newest vendors and they provide us with a wide array of healthy granola and muesli choices with flavors like Ginger Zinger, Mochaccino Hazelnut, Cherry Chocolate, Pina Colola, Maple Rosemary and Keith's Originola.  The very first year they started their artisan business they won a "Best of Rhode Island" award and some of the area's premier restaurants started putting them on their menus.  Along with their outstanding products they are also very proud of their refugee employees that are the backbone of the company.

Fresh picked local berries right from the grower.

 Add creamy homemade yogurt from To Dine For to your granola.   This popular new vendor has a wide assortment of Middle Eastern delights that will have you coming back each week to try something new.

 On top of the yogurt add fresh fruits from our growers.  Each week brings new varieties of berries and fruits that are in season to the market.  Try something new each week to keep your taste buds on the cutting edge of flavor.  It's amazing how something so simple can look so beautiful, taste so good and be so healthy!

Honey direct from the beehives at C.N. Smith Farm.
For a sweetener try the local honey from C.N. Smith Farm.  This is raw honey, meaning it hasn't been heated to make it look nicer on the shelf, which preserves it's natural enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants and other natural nutrients.  Pasteurized honey is known to be just as unhealthy as as eating refined sugar.  Purchasing locally sourced raw honey is an alternative way to treat seasonal allergies.  Many folks consume raw honey that is made near where they live because it contains small amounts of pollens when consumed build up their immune system to help ward off allergies.  

This season we are thrilled that The Cupcakerie is providing market customers with hot and iced coffee.  We've had many requests for this convenience so join us for your morning brew made from locally roasted New Harvest Coffees.  Enjoy your java while checking out the market or sit and relax in our cafe area on the green.

So get into a healthy breakfast routine at the Braintree Farmers Market.  If there's something you can't find please ask us at the Sustainable Braintree/Market Manager Tent and we'll point you in the right direction.

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