Sunday, July 28, 2013

Deborah's Kitchen Spreadable Fruits and Relishes

Deborah Taylor from Deborah's Kitchen.
At the Braintree Farmers Market each one of our vendors are carefully selected to ensure that our customers will enjoy a wide selection of high quality local foods.  Deborah's Kitchen joined the market in 2011 and they've been supplying us with their all natural, low sugar, spreadable fruit and relish.  While the majority of jams and preserves use two thirds refined sugar or high fructose corn syrup, Deborah's Kitchen uses two thirds fruit with all natural sugar and no preservatives.  From chefs to gourmet cooks and just plain folks, the payoff is a far superior flavor with less calories.
Try an assortment of their creative fruit blends that make each flavor a unique gourmet treat that can be used for meat and fish glazes, stir fry, marinades and barbeque sauces, desert toppings and fillings, sandwich spreads, breakfast bread and cereal toppings.  Add them to salad dressings or mix into yoghurt or cottage cheese or simply spread them on top of your toast.  Their Spreadable Fruits will enhance any meal and also be a much healthier choice. 
Deborah's Kitchen also offers a delicious Sweet Pepper Relish and Green Tomato Relish that are a perfect accoutrement to meats, seafoods and cheeses.  Mix the relishes with a bit of mayo to make the perfect tartar sauce for your crab cakes.  Hot Hot Peach and Hot Hot Cranberry are perfect to heat up your main courses or cheeses.  Try them.

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