Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fastachi Nuts at the Farmers Market

Souren Etyemezian and Sosy Mooradian at Fastachi Nuts.

     This season we have added new vendors to the mix that create even more diversity in product choices.  Look for an array of freshly baked artisan breads, locally roasted nuts, heirloom vegetables, micro-greens, empanadas, cinnamon buns, creative cupcakes, tasty cranberries, handmade pastas & raviolis and even Del's Frozen Lemonade to get us through those hot summer days.  This is just the tip of the iceberg folks as our seasoned vendors are always creating new products to entice us as well.  For instance, Burnin' Love Sauces has just introduced a brand new 'My Honey Loves Me Vinaigrette' made with honey, lavender, oil, vinegar & sage which has a delicate floral flavor that matches perfectly with the heirloom salad greens you'll find at the market.  Don't miss out on trying this unique vinaigrette.
     This week our Featured Vendor is Fastachi who we are pleased to introduce at the Braintree Farmers Market for the first time this season.  They will be visiting the market every other Saturday.  Fastachi was founded locally in 1990 in Belmont, Massachusetts by husband and wife team Souren and Susan Etyemezian.  From the small storefront, where they mastered the craft of nut roasting, they quickly established Fastachi as one of the country’s top purveyors of fresh roasted nuts and nut mixes.  Expansion into the specialty food trade and web markets eventually created the need for more space.  In 2003, the couple opened a new retail storefront and moved the entire operation to Watertown, Massachusetts.
     Fastachi Nuts are hand-roasted in small batches, seasoned only with salt, and double sifted to ensure only whole pieces graduate into their packages.  Fastachi nut mixes are unparalleled- having experimented over two decades to find the most delectable combinations. Look for unusual fruit and nut combinations that are just the right balance of sweet & savory.  And when it comes to delivering the fruits of their labor, they painstakingly hand pack them with the utmost care.  Pampered, over-protected and spoiled?  Perhaps.  But that’s why when you eat any nut; you’ll always judge it by a Fastachi.
     Fastachi Nut Butters are incomparable and span many different flavors such as pistachio, cashew, walnut, hazelnut, pecan as well as the tried and true peanut butter.  Their nuts are chosen for their quality, roasted to perfection and ground into a flavorful butter with nothing else added.  These nut butters are loaded with healthy nutrients such as protein, fiber, calcium and iron.  Try them once and you'll find that you've become addicted to something that's actually good for you.
     Be sure to come down to market as corn will begin to be harvested any time now and many more delectable summertime delights are waiting for you each Saturday.  Make a habit of trying something new every week as we try to enlighten your taste bud horizons.  For more information about the market or to volunteer please go to  See you on Saturday.

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