Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hearth Wood Fired Breads at the Farmers Market

Caroline and her mother Lauren Crook sample Hearth Wood Fired Breads from Ann Turpin.

Hot enuf for ya?  Summer is sizzlin' and we've got the goods for chillin' and grillin' at the Braintree Farmers Market hosted by Sustainable Braintree.  Please visit us every Saturday from 9 to 1, rain or shine, at the Braintree Town Hall Mall.  Products choices have expanded quite a bit this season as we have been perfecting our farmer and vendor lineup with the highest quality offerings that make the market a one-stop shopping experience.

For a good laugh meet us in front of the Braintree Town Hall this Saturday, July 30th, at 8 a.m. to participate in a Laughing Yoga Workshop with Mary hosted by Healing Tree Yoga.  Laughter Yoga is a unique exercise routine, combining unconditional laughter with yogic breathing.  Having a good chuckle to the start the day will set the tone for the rest of your weekend.  Everyone is welcome.

Perhaps you've had the pleasure of meeting Ann Turpin from Hearth Wood Fired Bread which is our Featured Vendor this week.  Ann's one of the friendliest and accommodating people you'll ever meet as she offers a sampling of delicious freshly baked breads to make sure you select the one that's just right.  Ann has been with this bakery since the very beginning and even witnessed the creation of their oven that was constructed with tradition in mind.  Their oven is a custom built Gueulard masonry oven, inspired by a combination of the best 18th century French and German designs.  It was built by a team of experts using exacting specifications in brick oven technology and history.  The final results is a single chamber for baking with fire burning wood in the firebox below which gives the bread a subtle nuance to it's flavor.  

These breads have only the finest ingredients, including their own proprietary natural levain (starter).  They use organic heritage whole grains which are dense with nutrients and provide rich, distinct flavors.  Each loaf is mixed and shaped by hand and baked in their fire burning brick oven.  Hearth Wood Fired Bread is proud of the fact that their bread is not produced by an automated facility.  Loaves are placed individually in the oven by bakers using only physical labor and a baker's peel.  Because of the high quality of their breads and painstaking process their breads are truly one of a kind and made for the enjoyment of all.  Enjoy them with other market products such as seafood salad, nut butters, tomatoes, cheeses, pastas, salad greens, sausages, fruit spreads and just about anything you can think of.  Stop by and give them a try and you'll come to realize that their breads are truly a work of culinary art.

Summer is at it's peak and so is the local growing season.  Treat yourself to the best in local produce, artisan foods and spa products that are now available close to home because of the hard work by Braintree Volunteers that share the vision and are passionate about the importance of the farmers market in our community.  The market is always in need of volunteers whether it's for a brief stint or as a regular please sign up at our website or our table at the market.  For more information about the market and Sustainable Braintree or to volunteer visit us at  See you on Saturday.

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