Monday, July 11, 2011

Second Nature Farm Featured at the Market

Adam Tedeschi is the head farmer at Second Nature Farm
     Summer season is hitting it's stride at the Braintree Farmers Market every Saturday from 9 to 1, rain or shine, at the Braintree Town Hall Mall.  Fresh-picked, locally-grown corn is now available at both C.N. Smith Farm and The Farmer's Garden.  This is an early hybrid that matures in 60 days rather than the usual 90 days.  You'll enjoy this corn as it's sweet and delicious and a great accompaniment to any summer meal.
     The market is pleased to introduce a new grower to our roster this season who has added a unique twist to our array of produce.  Adam Tedeschi is the 25 year-old farmer who runs Second Nature Farm and is the Featured Vendor this week.  Second Nature Farm is a 3-acre, small fruit and vegetable farm located in Norton, MA.  Adam's farm may be small physically but he has perfected the art of producing large quantities of colorful, unusual and intriguing produce that will have you coming back each week to try something new.  The farm grows a number of different heirloom and hybrid varieties that are both unique and delicious. Additionally, their produce is Certified Naturally Grown - a grassroots alternative to Certified Organic.
An array of heirloom squash & cucumbers from 2nd Nature Farm.
     Adam fell in love with agriculture through apple picking as a child.  He began his farming career during college, as a member of Long Lane Farm - an organic farm run by the students of Wesleyan University. After graduation, Adam interned at Foggy Meadow Farm in Benson, VT where he gained much insight into the mechanics and details of running a small organic farm. Ready to begin his own endeavor, Adam founded Second Nature Farm the following year, cultivating a half-acre plot and each week demonstrating the great volume of food that can be grown in a small area. After two years of farming the half-acre, Adam began leasing 3 acres from an old farm down the street, which is where Second Nature currently resides.
Rainbow Carrots grown at 2nd Nature Farm.

     Second Nature Farm strives to provide the local community with fresh vegetables that are produced in a sustainable manner and free from toxic chemicals. As a corollary to this, the farm seeks to connect people to the food they eat, and in doing so create a general awareness of how the decisions we make regarding food impact more than just ourselves. Lastly, Second Nature Farm strives to be a helpful resource for those beginning their own growing endeavors, so that more people may experience the rewards and satisfaction of nurturing and eating their own food.
     This coming Saturday, July 16th, there will be a free yoga class sponsored by Healing Tree Yoga.  The program will be conducted by Jill and will begin at 8 a.m. in front of the Braintree Town Hall.  Please bring your mat.  On July 30th join us at the same time and location for Laughing Yoga with Mary.  Ha.
     This year we have a new policy for dogs at the market due health code reasons and loss of vendor products in the past.  Dogs are not allowed in the market unless they are wearing a muzzle or are being arm held.  All pets must be at least six feet away from any food items.  You may walk your dog along the outside perimeter of the market.  If there is a volunteer available inside the Market Manager tent we would be more than happy to hold your dog for you as you shop at the market.
     Thanks to all of the patrons of the market who have helped us grow and thrive.  To volunteer please sign up at our website at  See you on Saturday.

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